1. The observance of rules of discipline of the school and good behaviour is absolutely essential for a student’s continuance in the school.
  2. No shouting or whistling is allowed inside the school campus.
  3. Bullying and use of foul and abusive language is a punishable offence.
  4. Morning assembly is a solemn occasion. Students must maintain absolute silence during the assembly.
  5. Carrying mobile phones and explosives to school is strictly prohibited.
  6. Students are expected to respect the school property and handle it carefully. In case of any damage, the student will be penalized to the amount of the damage caused.
  7. The school is in noway responsible for goods lost on the campus. It is not advisable to bring valuables or wear jewellery to the school.
  8. The school reserves the right to suspend or take disciplinary action against students whose performance is found below the standard and conduct unsatisfactory.
  9. Students are accountable to the school authorities for their behaviour, both inside and outside the school.
  10. Wearing offancy earrings/rings/bracelets or expensive watches is strictly prohibited.

Attendance / Punctuality

  1. 75% attendance is compulsory. Incase the percentage criteria is not met by the student, promotion to next class will be on the discretion of management.
  2. Continuous absence in the new session for the first 3 days without any prior information would result in striking off the child’s name from the rolls.
  3. Leave application should be submitted to the class teacher in-case the child isabsent on any day.
  4. In case of long leave (more than 5 days), information must be given to the school authorities along with the medical certificate and a fitness certificate should besubmitted once the student joins back.
  5. An application for leave mentioning proper reasons should be submitted to the respective authorities .
  6. Students will be marked on half day leave even if he/she leaves at any time during school hours.
  7. Half days will not be allowed to any child unless there is a medical or valid reason & the parents come to school & accompany the child back home.
  8. 100% attendance of the child isawarded.
  9. Students coming by their own conveyance must arrive in the school before the bell rings.
  10. Students going.back on their own must be prompt in doing so. In case of delay by the parents in collecting the child from the school campus, the child must report it to the office immediately.

Parent – Teacher Interaction

  1. The almanac must be regarded as an important medium of interaction between the parents and the school authorities. It should be complete in all respects with the photograph of the child and duly signed by the parents.
  2. Parents and guardians cannot meet their wards or teachers during the school hours without the prior ‘permission of the Principal.
  3. Parents can interact with Teachers through the school website also.
  4. Other than regular PTM’s as specified in the school calendar, parents can also meet the teachers on every Saturday or the lastworking day after school hours.
  5. All the notices from now onwards will be sent on parent’s e-mail IDs. No hard copies will be sent.
  6. Parents can also meetthe school counselor.

Class / Library Rules

  1. To develop the habit of reading books at an early age, we are running a kids library (Nur. to Class II) in our branches, Parents are issued a Parents’ Library Card on producing which they are issued books/CDs from the library for their children.
  2. Books will be issued only on the Library Cards (class Ill onwards).
  3. Duplicate Library Card will be issued on the payment of Rs. SQ/. as fine, also the child should produce the application signed by parents/guardians & class teacher.
  4. Complete silence is to be observed inthe school/library.
  5. Books issued have to be properly handled and returned on time, failing which , a fine will becharged.
  6. Students should compulsorily bring their Reading Log Book (class Illonwards) in their library period.
  7. Students must not miss any teaching, games, activity or Technologically Aided classes.
  8. Student should fill their Confidence Diary (class III onwards) regularly and bring it to school on the assigned day once a week for checking.

Unit Test / Examination and Promotion Rules

  1. Children should come to school in time, well equipped for the examination or unit test since no borrowing or talking is allowed. In case of doubt, all queries should be addressed to the invigilator.
  2. No student should indulge in any unfair means during an examination or unit test. Ifa child is caught in any such act, the Principal and Management . reserve the right of taking whatever action they deem fit including rustication in extreme and repetitive cases.
  3. In case a child has less than 75% attendance he/she will not be permitted to appear for the Annual Exam and the CBSE Board Exam.
  4. Students who are absent in any of the examinations due to sickness should submit a medical certificate at the earliest during the examination period itself.
    1. No examination or unit test will be held before or after the scheduled time in case of absence for any reason.
    2. In case of absence in unit test, the child will be marked zero.
    3. In case of late admission, L. A. will be marked and the marks obtained for thenext unit test will be doubled.
  5. For promotion to the next class, it is essential that a student obtains at least 40% in the aggregate.
  6. A student who fails twice in the same class or if a student fails twice in different classes (different session) while studying at any of the Sunbeam branches , he/she will be asked to leave the school.
  7. All cases of doubt regarding promotion are left entirely to the discretion of the Principal whose decision shall be final.
  8. Promotion once refused will not be reconsidered
  9. If a child gets lower than 40% in the unit test promotion to the next class may be refused.

Fee Rules

  1. School fee should be paid before the last date mentioned in the fee chart. Fine for Latefee will be charged after due date mentioned in the fee chart.
  2. A latefine of Rs. 100/-for the first month and 250/-for second month will be charged for all fees paid after the due date and Rs.250/- for every subsequent month if the due date passes and the fee dues are notdeared.
  3. In case the fees is not paid for three consecutive months or more, continuation in school will be at the discretion of the principal and after paying re-processing charge of Rs. 1000/- plus late fine of Rs. 250/- per month for the number of months delayed.
  4. Amenity charges and Academic fees will be charged for the full session (12 months). (Fees will be paid for the complete session. If a child takes admission in the first semester i.e. April to September he pays for 12 months and the second semester October to March it is only for the next 6 months.)
  5. Even if a child takes admission in the second semester Annual charges, Asset exam, Helen O’ Grady I Robotics & any other fees to be paid to an outside agency,has to be paid to the school.
  6. Students will neither be shown their Report Card I Answer Sheets nor allowed to sit for any examination until all the dues whether fees or any document i.e. (TC, BC & Report Card) to the school are cleared.
  7. To avoid rush and to save time,fees can be paid for 3, 6 or 12 months together.
  8. The fees can also be paid through Cheque / Demand Draft / Pay order by 16th of each month.A receipt will be given for cheque payment after due clearance of cheque end an amount of Rs.350/-will be charged if chequasare dishonoured.
  9. The admission fee for new students and March fee for all students will not be accepted incheque.
  10. For the convenience of parents, we have installed card swipe machine (EDC machine) at the school fee counter to facilitate fee payments through Debit / Credit card.Transaction charges if any will be applicable as per rule.
  11. To withdraw transport facility parents must give 3 months’ prior notice and have to pay for the complete month in which they are withdrawing. No withdrawals will be accepted after the month of November for the current session. In case there is a withdrawal after November,the complete session’s fees will be charged.
  12. Gate cum Entry card (Nur. to Class 11) & Parents’ Entry Card (Classs III upwards) alongwith fee card should be brought while coming to submit the fee.
  13. Any person who comes to pay the fees without Entry card or Gate card and is not a valid person to enter the premises will be allowed to pay the fees but will be treated as a visitor and will have to go through all the formalities of a visitor.
  14. Transport maintenance is not paid on time,it will lead to a fine of Rs.30/- per month. Fee can be paid online You may get intouch with the fee counter for further details.
  15. Charges include • Exam Fees, Unit Test, Creative Work, Lab, Demo & Eqiupment,Computer,Leisure Time Activity, Career Counseling & Personality Development Courses,School Cinema & Workshops, Journals* , Newsletter, Almanac*,Syllabus*, Calendar*, Group Photo, I-Card*, Fee Card*, Learner’s Comate*,Picnic,Lib. Fee, Medical, Web Maintenance,Staff / Students Welfare, Generator,Water/&any Notice & Circular, Farewell (class-XI),Life Skills through movies.
    *Only one will be given in a session.

Platinum Rules for the Bus Users

  1. No students will be allowed to travel by school bus without bus Identity Card.
  2. Bus will not wait for any student, they are expected to arrive at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.
  3. To withdraw from transport facility, th
  4. Bus should be approached when it comes to a halt and students are expected to occupy seats immediately without leaning out, peeping out or standing onthefootboard.
  5. When the bus is inmotion, students are notexpected to shout, to divert the attention of the driver or to cause any damage to buses due to negligence or vandalism. Iffound doing so they will be debarred from travelling bythe school buses.
  6. Nodiversion extension will beentertainedon existing routes regarding designated stops. The Students must board the bus as designated by the school only.
  7. The bus teachers and student bus monitors are responsible for maintainingdiscipline inthe bus.
  8. Lists of students and stops will be available inthe respective buses
  9. The bus teachers/monitors must occupy the rear seats reserved for them, for better monitoring of students.
  10. Although the school takes full security measures,yet it will not be liable to compensate incase of amishap.
  11. If transport maintenance is not paid on time it will lead to a fine of Rs. 3Q/- per month.
  12. Parents are requested not to give any tips to the drivers and conductors.